Date Month Year Where
13th- 15th Oct 2021 KAS 104th Fall Meeting, Jeju, South Korea (pic)
23rd- 25th Nov 2020 KIAS Retreat in Bueyo, South Korea
10th- 12th Feb 2020 Survey Science Group Workshop in High1 Resort, South Korea
3rd- 3th Nov 2019 6th Korea-Japan workshop on dark energy at KMI in Nagoya, Japan
9th- 13th Sept 2019 Glasgow University, UK
Visiting Prof Martin Hendry
2nd – 6th Sept 2019 Aachen, Germany
COSMO19 Conference
12th – 14th June 2019 Gangneung, South Korea
2nd KASI-Yonsei Galaxy Cluster and Cosmology Workshop
22nd – 27th Apr 2019 Seogwipo, Jeju, South Korea
CosKASI III: The Correlated Universe
20th – 22nd Feb 2019 High1 Resort, South Korea
8th Survey Science Group meeting
16th – 20th Oct 2018 Barcelona, Spain
DESI collaboration meeting
6th – 10th Aug 2018 Daejeon, South Korea
5th Korea-Japan Workshop on Dark Energy invited talk
18th – 20th Apr 2018 Resom Forest, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea.
KASI-YONSEI Galaxy Cluster and Cosmology Workshop
28th – 31st Jan 2018 Nanjing, China
Purple Mountain Observatory invited visit
12th – 13th Oct 2017 Yeosu, Korea
Korea Astronomical Society Meeting
28th – 31st Aug 2017 Nagoya, Japan
Korea-Japan joint workshop on Dark Energy (invited speaker)
6th – 9th Dec 2016 Hsinchu, Taiwan
NCTS annual meeting Strings, Particles & Cosmology
20th – 23rd June 2016 Durham, UK
DESI collaboration meeting
15th – 17th June 2016 Madrid, Spain
CMB, LSS & 21 cm Surveys workshop
13th – 14th June 2016 Munich Germany, MPA
Host Prof. E. Komatsu
5th – 16th Oct 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii IfA
Host Dr. I. Szapudi
13th – 18th Sept 2015 Portsmouth, UK
1st ICG-CosKASI joint workshop
6th – 11th Sept 2015 Urumqi, China
Tianlai Collaboration
27th – 29th May 2015 Chicago, USA (Fermilab)
DESI Collaboration
12th – 28th Feb 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii IfA
Host Dr. I. Szapudi
25th – 31st Jan 2015 High1, South Korea – Joint Winter Conference on Particle Physics, String and Cosmology
15th – 31st Oct 2014 Nagoya, Japan – Visit to the C-Lab
6th – 11th July 2014 Daejeon, South Korea (IBS) – Precision Era for Large Scale Structure
2nd – 5th June 2014 Pohang, South Korea
1st APCTP-TUS workshop on Dark Energy
20th – 22nd Apr 2014 Daejeon, South Korea (KASI)
Cosmological Quests for the Next Decade
16th – 18th Apr 2014 Daejeon, South Korea (KASI)
Inaugural conference of CosKASI
Cosmological Quests for the Next Decade
4th – 6th Nov 2013 Jeju, South Korea
School of Physics Annual Workshop (Photos)
14th – 16th Oct 2013 Shanghai, China
Cross-Correlating Cosmic Fields Conference
10th – 11th Oct 2013 Mokpo, South Korea
Korean Astronomical Society Meeting
23rd – 27th Sept 2013 Daejeon, South Korea (KASI)
Dark Energy Workshop
1st – 30th Mar 2013 Glasgow β†’ Barcelona β†’ Portsmouth β†’ London
15th Oct 2012 Move to Seoul, South Korea.
Start working at KIAS (pics)
12th – 16th Mar 2012 Munich (Max Planck)
DES collaboration meeting (Photos)
11th – 13th Oct 2011 Boston (Harvard), collaboration visit with Molly Swanson
7th – 11th Oct 2011 Philadelphia, DES collaboration meeting (Photos)
27th – 30th Jun 2011 Portsmouth, DES collaboration meeting
18th – 20th Apr 2011 Llandudno, Wales, National Astronomy Meeting
19th – 22nd Oct 2010 Chicago (Fermilab), DES collaboration meeting (Photos)
10th – 11th May 2010 Munich, DES data management meeting
4th – 7th May 2010 Madrid, DES collaboration meeting
12th – 16th Apr 2010 Glasgow, National Astronomy Meeting
16th – 29th Jan 2009 Cape Town (SA), JEDI-3 workshop
3rd – 9th Jan 2009 Long Beach(California), AAS
6th – 14th Apr 2008 Cape Town (SA), JEDI workshop (Photos)
24th – 26th Oct 2007 Edinburgh, Decrypting the Universe
26th – 31st Aug 2007 Venice, A Century of Cosmology Conference
19th – 20th Jul 2007 Portsmouth, Higher Order Statistics Workshop (main LOC)
4th May 2006 London, DES collaboration meeting.
19th – 20th Jul 2006 Portsmouth, Galaxy Redshift Surveys Workshop
26th – 30th Jun 2006 Valencia, Large-Scale-Structure Conference
12th – 12th Jun 2006 Edinburgh, Cormack Bequest Meeting
20th – 23rd Apr 2006 Edinburgh, Alternative Gravity Workshop
25th – 27th Oct 2005 Millport, Postgraduate Training
5th – 9th Sept 2005 Edinburgh, PPARC summer school