Koh Yao Yai, Thailand

I recently came back from honeymooning on an island near Phuket, Thailand and thought I’d share some experiences. We stayed at the Santhiya Resort a luxury wooden eco paradise, on the small island of Koh Yao Yai. Koh Yao Yai (‘big long island’) is a well preserved farming and fishing community.


Nanjing with Borges

A specific dream from my childhood still returns to haunt me from time to time, although never with the intensity of that first encounter. I believe it is right to call it an encounter because I’m sure, on that day, I met something real, either physically or conceptually.

I was half asleep on a sofa in my grandparents house in Alexandria, Scotland. Tessa, our large black Doberman dog could have been laying next to me. I cannot remember for sure but it wouldn’t have been uncommon.

Whatever I was dreaming about, if I was at all, gradually faded revealing another layer of experience. It is in this realm where I became aware of the phenomena that has been with me to this day. Strangely, only now, as I ride on the Nanjing subway some 30 years later, has the significance of that experience entered my conscience awareness. And perhaps I owe a nod to Borges, whose words may have helped to decrypt those old fragmented memories.

The object felt heavy and overbearing, too big for my current physical scale. I wanted to inspect it, but when I looked around the vast, empty horizon I was forced to seek on smaller and smaller scales. There, looking into my hands while curled up on the sofa, I believe I found it. Not on my hand or between the fingers but within one of the the tiniest of lines amung the uncountable faint lines that crisscross the skin. Not that I could give any detailed description of its visual characteristics, since it seemed surrounded by an impenetrable haze.

How could this thing, smaller that my visual perception would allow, at the same time loom over me with such mighty weight and almost infinite extension?

It was heavier and larger than I dared to imagine but as small and light that it could be lost in my own hands. It would be wrong to begin trying to identify it by listing those things that are lighter than it and those that are heavier than it, to thus arrive at some constrained possibilities. It was not heavy in relation to some things and lighter in relations to others. It was both lighter and heavier in relation to itself.

The dream was not pleasant. There was a nightmarish aspect that lay in my endless oscillation between the two states of experiencing the object as either large and massive or small and light. Yet I am sure that it was not the one who was changing.

I woke in a cold sweat.

Many years later I learned that all matter is composed of infitesimal vibrating loops of energy. This may or may not be related.

Sardinia 2017

I’m just back from vacationing in Sardinia, so I thought I’d update from previous post.
We didn’t get as much done as I had planned, but I planned way to much anyway.


Day 1:
Pirri, Mariuccia Bar
Poetto local beach
Stroll around Cagliari city centre

Day 2:
Villamsimus, Cala Giunco beach
Cagliari, night drink at Bastione di Saint Remy

Day 3:
Local Market with Joe
Wine tasting at Cantina Trexenta near Senorbi
Nuraghe at Orroli

Day 4:
Nice lunch at il Gato in Cagliari
Jaemin (Jaewon’s brother) and Yunju (his partner) arrive
we walk around Cagliari; Cripta di S. Restituta, Roman Amphitheatre

Day 5:
Boat tour around Pan di Zucchero, beach at Masua, and Porto Flavia
Dinner in Cagliari at Ristorante Antica

Day 6:
Wine tasting at Audarya and cheese tour and tasting at Argiolas.
Pick up Drew (my younger brother) from airport
My Dad makes a surprise visit!
We all head to the Poetto for an evening swim

Day 7:
Rita (Joe’s sister, my some kind of aunt) visits in the morning
We go to San Benedetto fish market in Cagliari
Go to Barumini Nagurhi
then visit the horses at Giara di Gesturi
Yunju cooks paella!

Day 8:
We go to Cala Goloritze beach, 3 hour driving and 1.5 hour hiking in mountain, but worth it!



Bike Trip

I’ve been meaning to post about this for some time. In the beginning of May (6-7th May 2016) I went exploring the east coast of Korea on two wheels. If you like long cycling I recommend this route. The east coast sea is beautiful and the seafood is great! We traveled from Pohang to Donghae which is about 200km and it took us 2 days of relaxed cycling. You can camp at many places for free or pay a small fee for better facilities. Due to heavy rain on the first night we found a nice B&B (in Korean they are called minbak, look for “민박” sign on houses). On the second night we just camped on a beach, I think it was called Goraebul.

On the way we stopped at many small picturesque villages and beaches. This area is famous for large crabs. If you go there, give them a try.