Gravitational Waves

About 1 year ago I started writing science articles for a children’s magazine in Korea called “whale” (or in Korean “gorae” written as 고래). In these article we focus on new discoveries in the fields of physics and astronomy.

I only recently got around to translating them into english with the accompanying illustrations. I will post these semi-regularly on this blog with tag “gorae” or under the category of “outreach”. Check back here if you want to see more. This time we cover gravitational waves, next time it will be planets outside our solar system; exoplanets!


** These articles were originally published by Gorae magazine. Gorae is a children’s magazine that is distributed to many schools and kids centers through donation. Gorae’s philosophy is to make children socially aware. If you would like to support them please consider donating a small amount and provide another school or center with a copy of gorae magazine.