Bike Trip

I’ve been meaning to post about this for some time. In the beginning of May (6-7th May 2016) I went exploring the east coast of Korea on two wheels. If you like long cycling I recommend this route. The east coast sea is beautiful and the seafood is great! We traveled from Pohang to Donghae which is about 200km and it took us 2 days of relaxed cycling. You can camp at many places for free or pay a small fee for better facilities. Due to heavy rain on the first night we found a nice B&B (in Korean they are called minbak, look for “민박” sign on houses). On the second night we just camped on a beach, I think it was called Goraebul.

On the way we stopped at many small picturesque villages and beaches. This area is famous for large crabs. If you go there, give them a try.