Food 2.0

Several years ago I came across an article describing some crazy entrepreneurs plan to design an optimal food that is cheap, simple and satisfies all dietary requirements etc. It’s called soylent and they seem to be doing well so far.

They made their recipe open source allowing others to tinker with alternative recipes. There is now a large community of people producing tailored recipes, see

I like optimisation problems so I thought I’d have a go at designing my own recipe, trying to max out the recommended daily amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and all manner of other things that I don’t really understand. Now, I don’t take this too seriously, and further I would add that I’m not sure that getting the 100% recommended daily allowance of everything will necessarily make our bodies any better in the long term. Our bodies many even, by genetic design, be better adapted when we have extreme variation in dietary intake. Nonetheless, I like experiments so I’ll document what I find.

I created a recipe on the DIY Soylent site called Sab’s Chow, ordered the products on (they deliver to Korea) and now just started trying it. It tastes good! I’ll post more on the progress of this recipe, as time passes, if indeed I survive 😉