Korean funding

I recently applied to the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF). They have many grants per year for various levels of applicants, from new postdocs to senior faculty looking to start new research centers. I just finished my application for new research grant (or 신진연구 in Korean).

Most grants are available to non-koreans, and proposals can be written in English. However the online application is sufficiently complicated that a good command of korean is needed, alternatively ask a friend  and reward them well because it is a bit of a headache to navigate.

I was successful on my 3rd attempt, so if you do not get it 1st time don’t give up hope!
I am now funded for 3 years until July 2020, thanks NRF!

If you are a young researcher in Korea don’t expect this to be an easy process, the old guys don’t like people going out and doing things themselves. I was hindered by some people along the way, but fuck them 😉 I’ve not listened to much advice along the way, I’ve mostly done my own thing and so far no regrets.

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